Giraffe was founded by Andrew Ainge. With extensive experience in the field of photo personalisation and a sportsman involved with ironman distance triathlon, ultra swimming and endurance sports.

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Most people will have seen products like this before. The retail market is dominated by one major player ' Buff headgear ' and they offer a great range of products. However, Giraffe products are all bespoke. Each garment is unique. The images and information on each garment can be totally different.

Our Markets

I think we all agree, the T-Shirts promotional giveaway after an event has had its time. Now for something affordable and functional. Our markets range from sporting events to the military.

Variable Data Fabric Printing

We can take data that can include photos, text and logos in almost any format and create as many bespoke items as you want.Example : 1,000 runners finish a race and each has a photo taken and data recorded about the finish time and event details. We can take this data and produce a unique keepsake for each competitor.If you have any questions about our products and want to discuss a project please drop us a line. More details can be found on our Facebook page : or on our FAQ's