Clan Tartans


Tartan means many things to many people – a link with historical roots, edgy non-conformism, military pride and ceremony, high fashion branding, shared group insignia, unique personal and corporate identities…. the ever-evolving and infinite variety of patterns make Tartan the most flexible fabric design on the globe.

There are alternative spellings for almost all Scottish clan tartans — especially those beginning with Mac or Mc. For simplicity we always use the Mac prefix but whether a tartan starts with Mac or Mc (which is just an abbreviation of Mac) the tartan is the same.

Other versions of the tartan name may also be alternative spellings or indeed, a completely different name but one which has a connection to that clan tartan which will allow you to wear it with provenance and pride!

If you’re at all in doubt – contact us and we’ll let you know if your surname has that all-important clan connection. If it doesn’t, then you can still show the world your Scottish connection by wearing one of the historical generic tartans such as the Black Watch, Royal Stewart or Hunting Stewart or any of our District, Military, General or Trendy tartans. 

Is your Clan missing? Contact us and we will add it!