Ice Cooling head Band for Sport

Giraffe UK have developed a new Headband using a Thermo Tech Fabric that actually goes Ice cold when wet. Ideal for runners, cyclists or sports where the temperatures can be very hot our Ice Bands will provide up to 2 hours of Ice cold comfort. To re-charge simply wet the band and wring out the excess.

How does the Ice Band work?

Scientifically engineered to stay at least 20 degrees cooler than your bodies ambient temperature, the Ice Band by Giraffe it is ideal for trying to cool off during sport in hot conditions.

Evaporation of the water in the fabric goes through a cooling process because when liquid turns to gas, it needs more energy, and so it has to take that energy from its surroundings - in this case the thermo tech cooling fabric. The energy is in the form of heat, and when the heat energy leaves with the evaporating liquid, the surrounding fabric membrane gets cooler. That's the science anyway.

We are launching two versions. An Ice Bandana and a Pro-series double wall Ice Band.


Rinse your Ice Band under cold water

Wring out any excess water.

Hold the Ice Band at either end and pull part, "snapping" the Ice Band to activate the "cooling" technology.

To reactivate a damp band, simply snap again. If the band is dry, follow steps 1-3.

During races just make a habit to dunk the band at the feed stations in water.