Advanced Face Shielding + Anti Bacterial Protection

Nano weave is an advanced textile with an ultra tight weave providing additional protection against airborne particles over conventional textiles. In addition it features an SPF50 sun factor rating. Unlimited washes. Cool to touch. In a changing world where face coverings are becoming the norm, we have created a product with aesthetic appeal which can be worn as a general item of clothing but can quickly be turned into a face cover. Used in conjunction with our Nano Weave Textile & Hand Sanitiser you have the perfect anti bacterial protection. Our sanitiser is manufactured by our sister company ' Sync Medical Supplies ' to World Health Organisation Formula 1 specifications and quickly kills 99% of bacteria.  


Nano Weave offers two-way protection by reducing the number of particles passing through the micro weave and the absorption of moisture. But it only really helps when combined with strict personal hygiene and when used in conjunction with the fabric sanitiser spray.

For maximum protection, pull over your head to cover your face including your mouth, nose and ears. Ensure a snug fit. To increase the effectiveness simply fold back on itself to double the layers. To improve the tightness, use a clip, tie, bobble or suitable grip at the rear to increase the tension.

We recommend washing below 40 degrees with normal detergent before the first use then as often as you like. The textile will not change shape or reduce its effectiveness by washing. Unlike other fabric face shields and virustatic coated textile shields which become useless after 3 washes.

No device or face guards can guarantee 100% protection against viruses. The Nano Weave's effectiveness is improved when used alongside government-issued hygiene guidelines and the fabric sanitiser.

  • The Nano Weave is an easy-to-wear snood which helps prevent the spread infection when used with the textile sanitiser.
  • Suitable for the whole family
  • Reusable and washable
  • Standard Adult size. Children's sizes coming soon.
  • Custom designs available for large trade orders. Wholesale prices available.