Become a Giraffe creator and earn money whilst you sleep!

We’re always excited to see new designers coming onto our Giraffe platform and having great success! As one of our creators you’ll receive an industry-leading royalty of 15% from the Net sale of each purchase of your own design by simply sharing either an affiliate link or promotional code ( unique to you ). Not only do you get a royalty on your own designs but any sale on the Giraffe website. How cool is that. You just need some Friends to share.

Your designs will be available from your shop or brand profile as soon as you upload them. They will then be assessed by our team first to make sure they don't use any copyright material or trademarks ( we really don't want to upset the corporate monsters ), they will be entered into the main site with keywords so people can find your designs easily. Think carefully about your keywords. Colours, design names, activity types etc. Don't use our competitors trading names either. They don't like it.

How does it work?

How many designs can I upload?

Basically we have no limit on the number of designs you can upload to your profile. We will send you the layout template when you sign up then we create a 3D visual for your designs which are uploaded to our website. 

Do you monitor designs?

We monitor all designs on their commercial potential with our audience, and if we feel a design does not meet the required standards it will only be available for customers to buy directly from the creator's profile (it will not appear in the main search results ). We do this because unfortunately not all of the designs we have uploaded are of interest to our buying customers, and the more content we put in front of customers which is not of interest to them, the more likely they are to be put off and not buy at all! We also need to manually monitor the use of Copyright material or trademarks because in the past this was abused and caused us some teething problems. So PLEASE be unique. Don't copy. Unique is good. 

What kinds of designs should I upload?

We are on the lookout for eye catching multiwrap designs which is different to the ranges we already have. Think originally! Cool head-wear need to be designed for specific,events or activities /  occasions, and we find that incorporating current trends can really help too. 

Because we can print in high definition and multicoloured ( just like printing a greeting card ) you can be as creative as you want. Use vector graphics, solid colours, textures, 3D images and photographs. 

Best sellers can be seen on the main website front page - always useful to see what is selling most. 

What next?

Ok so now we have your attention lets get started. First you need to register as an affiliate with us so you can track your sales and generate links and offer codes to share with your audience. 

You can do that using this link -

Your account will be checked and approved. That's the hard bit done.

Next - you need to get creative. Email us with ' Creator' as the subject heading to email address - 

Our team will email you the design templates and help you setup your online profile with Giraffe. You will have your own shop link but your designs can also be made available to the main shop and search functions. We will also provide you with an upload link for your designs. 

Good luck and any questions please feel free to contact us.