Giraffe Original Tube Bandanas

Bright Red Multi-functional Tube Bandana Snood Scarf headband G-270

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Giraffe seamless tube technology. Smooth close knit finish printed in ultra high definition with high density UV stable fabric inks. 4 way stretch technology , SPF ratings from 30 - 50 and can be worn in multiple ways. For maximum protection, pull over your head to cover your face including your mouth, nose and ears. Ensure a snug fit. To increase the effectiveness simply fold back on itself to double the layers. We recommend washing below 40 degrees with normal detergent before the first use then as often as you like. The textile will not change shape or reduce its effectiveness by washing. This item is printed to order. Perfect for the desert, snow capped mountains or just out and about. Wicks away moisture when you're hot and keeps you toasty when it's cold. Giraffe boasts extreme versatility and protection. Also available for retail trade customers. Packaging options shown with the textile choice

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1 Review

Silverswitcher 12th Jul 2020

Bright Red, Um - No

The product it’s self is great. I bought it instead of the standard pandemic mask and am I’m very pleased with it. When not in use as a mask, I push it down my neck, a bit like a Cravat I should imagine. I can see it being used throughout the year in one guise or another. There is a but! I was very disappointed with the colour, not red in my opinion, more salmon pink. I was amazed with the Giraffe customer service, they supplied me with a free Flame Scarlet one and a Kaleidoscope Multi Colour one, both of which are fantastic. I highly recommend the product and Giraffe Team.

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