Giraffe Original Tube Bandanas

Flower Of Scotland Tartan Scottish Scotland Seamless Tube Bandana Snood Multifunctional multiwrap Giraffe headwear

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Giraffe seamless tube technology. Smooth close knit finish printed in ultra high definition with high density UV stable fabric inks. 4 way stretch technology , SPF ratings from 30 - 50 and can be worn in multiple ways. For maximum protection, pull over your head to cover your face including your mouth, nose and ears. Ensure a snug fit. To increase the effectiveness simply fold back on itself to double the layers. We recommend washing below 40 degrees with normal detergent before the first use then as often as you like. The textile will not change shape or reduce its effectiveness by washing. This item is printed to order. Perfect for the desert, snow capped mountains or just out and about. Wicks away moisture when you're hot and keeps you toasty when it's cold. Giraffe boasts extreme versatility and protection. Also available for retail trade customers. Packaging options shown with the textile choice

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2 Reviews

Peggy Hayes 17th Sep 2021

Great piece of kit

I bought this for my husband who wears hearing aids. A regular face mask was really impossible to get on and off over his hearing aids and so I thought a snood was the perfect alternative. I was right. He also always misplaces things or forgets his "stuff" and because he leaves this on around his neck I'm not accused of "hiding" his "stuff".

In the ongoing battle between husband and wife, I have finally won the war.

Seriously, this is seriously good kit. The fabric is soft and pliable and more breathable than a facemask. As I said above, you just put it on and leave it there. Pull it up over your nose and mouth as needed. Very easy to wash and it hangs dry in about an hour. Faster if you put it over a heated towel rack in the bathroom.

In the winter months this will be especially good because in a stiff wind you can pull it up over your head for warmth.

The delivery was quick and painless. The price is fair.

I liked this so much that we have already purchased three more (two for me, one additional one for him) in different colours/tartans because they are just so bloody handy.

Cannot recommend enough.

Bobby Goldie 11th Sep 2020


I washed this before use as instructed & worn it once but it has already started to bauble, so a happy bunny.

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