SilverBack Permanently Antimicrobial Textile
"A disruptive face cover technology"


The SilverBack range consists of 93% antimicrobial high-tech fibre. Fused silver ions prevent the growth of microorganisms such as bacteria and thus also counteract the development of odours. This protection is permanent and is 100% retained even after washing.


Wash instead of throwing away. SilverBack help reduce the plastic pollution from disposable face masks.

Easy to wash. Wash it as often as you like with detergent. SilverBack seamless tubes stay in shape and retains the bright colours of the print. When using as a mouth and nose mask, we recommend washing every day.

Reduction of smear infections through constantly “touching the mouth and nose”

What is so special about Silverback technology? The answer lies in the special functionality. A silver-based antimicrobial substance is anchored permanently in the fibre polymer of the yarn, providing an additive that has a permanent antimicrobial effect and remains unaffected by washing or even intensive use. This effect takes place on the fibre surface. As it is firmly integrated in the polymer mass, the additive cannot migrate into the environment, and independent tests have shown that it does not damage the natural skin flora, making it kind to the skin.

Silver ions built into the fibre damage bacteria that come into direct contact with the textile, preventing the bacteria multiplying.

Unlike products that are given post-production treatments or finished with substances likely to migrate into the environment, SilverBack has an antimicrobial agent which is firmly integrated in the fibre polymer. This additive has a permanent antimicrobial effect.

Two Textile Options

SilverBackANT - Antimicrobial Textile

SilverBackANTFR - Antimicrobial textile & Fire Retardant

This new product is still under development. Available 2022/23. 

Available to purchase online or as a custom printed seamless tube. Please register your interest.  

Silverback base colour is white and can be custom printed in full colour.